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  1. 2008.10.03
    시험 공부.. Tests! Tests!! Tests!!!!
currently listening to: 멀어지다 (Drifting Apart) - Nell
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한국에선 고삼으로써 엉청난 고민과 어려움을 격었을꺼라고들 하지만.. 미국도 마찬가지이네요~ 에휴.. 내일 드디어 SAT II English & Literature를 보게 돼는데..
SAT 한국말은 안보고 영어를 보게 돼내요. ,ㅡ.ㅡ

비록 너무 바뻐서 준비는 많이못했지만 그래도 자신감있게 봐야줘~ 예전에 정말 이런 공부 진짜진짜 많이했었는데.. hopefully some of that remains.. 내일은 영어 시험이니까 아무래도 나머진 영어로 써야지 (그러면서 조금씩 자기자랑을... ㅋㅋㅋ 농담입니당~ ^^;;)  So I'll make the switch into English lest the language becomes somewhat odd to me tomorrow when I take the test..

By the way, the song that I am listening to has absolutely nothing to do with how I feel.. I just liked the sober-ish melody of Nell.. (I guess I'm still infatuated with their music..)

Although I was not able to study as much as I had done for the regular SAT's (mostly because of my lack of practical time schedule, and the last minute procrastination-fest on the science paper), I came across a lot of little facts on which I can reflect from the shitload of prose, excerpts from short stories, novels and poems that I gourged down while studying. My dislike of 19th century novels are gradually increasing. Charles Dickinson may be witty, but I see no wit in his outdated sense of humor; he is just a wordy roundabout writer whose sentence, though structure of which may be immaculate, is impenetrable 새. George Elliot, a woman under a pseudonym, has this unexplainable propensity to depict her feminine protagonists to be the perfect, ideal, humble, kind, and considerate character. She goes on and on about describing her infallible character, and I realized that I tend to get lost in her descriptions.. Harold Bloom is the most pompous bastard that I have ever read. 

On a brighter note, my fear of poems have subsided significantly (to the point where I get more questions wrong from reading passages than I do from poems). yay for having a grandma who's a poet.. I guess.. (But I have to say, I still can't understand Emily Dickinson. (*#($%@&%@^  (same goes to T.S Elliot.. Damn.. all these Elliots'..)
But, I came across Lewis Caroll, the guy who wrote Alice in the Wonderland. He is the best nonsensical poet I know. His "Hunting of the Snark" is a masterpiece that I actually really enjoyed reading. My all-time favorite quote 
Then the bowsprit got mixed with the rudder sometimes
is from that epic poem.

So I just took a collegeboard practice exam on English Literature, and got 6 questions wrong out of 61 questions.. Thats around 770..? If I can do that well on tomorrow's actual test, I will be pretty damn happy!!~ ^^;
Oh as a P.S I did finish that science paper 30 minutes before the deadline. I realized 6 hours before the deadline that in order for me to submit it, I had to get a signature from my professor.. ㅠ.ㅠ So I hurried my butt to Harvard, hunted for the professor. Fortunately, I chanced upon him, and after a slightly awkward conversation, I got his signature~ Reading the final product back, I feel as if It could've been a lot better, but really, this paper was the best that Manhee (the secondary author) and I could possibly due. Take a look!!~~ ^^ 

I really want to say thanks to Manhee for pulling two all nighters with me, trying to get this shit done.. I was tired, but I can't imagine how tired Manhee would have been considering he has so much going on his life right now (like say.. getting married next week..?) 

만희형님아~ 결혼 축하헤염!!! (잘살아라 잘살아라!!)요.

I've averaged 2:30 hours of sleep this week. I'm going to bed. wish me luck~~



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