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In search of nonsense adventures~
by 준이~
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  1. 2008.10.15
    For NOSB...
  2. 2008.10.05
    피터팬은 죽었다- Nell
  3. 2008.10.04
    루아흐(Ruach)- 브라운 아이스
  4. 2008.10.03
    시험 공부.. Tests! Tests!! Tests!!!!
For NOSB...

We had to take a sily picture of us...
These are rather humiliating.. There goes my self-image.. haha (did I ever have one..?)

피터팬은 죽었다 (Peter Pan is Dead)
"Vol.2 Walk Through Me"

꿈은 죽지않는다의 뜻일까? 사실 저도 잘 모르겠군요 (제목땜인지..)

[##_Jukebox|hk200000000000.mp3|넬-피터팬은_죽었다.mp3|autoplay=0 visible=1 color=black|_##]

차가웠기 때문에 따뜻함을 원했죠 
초라했기 때문에 아름답고 싶었어 
그랬을 뿐인데 어울리지도 않는 짓이라고
비웃을 건 또 뭔가요 .

I am still waiting
I am dreaming
모두 멈춰버린 채로 썩어버린 너처럼 되긴 싫어서
아직 살아있다고 난 느껴보고 싶어서 
그래서 I'm dreaming

닫혀있기 때문에 열어주길 원했죠
갇혀있기 때문에 자유롭고 싶었어
그랬을 뿐인데 미친개 보듯 하는 너야말로
어디 아픈 거 아닌가요 .

I am still waiting
I am dreaming
모두 멈춰버린 채로 
썩어버린 너처럼 되긴 싫어서
아직 살아있다고 난 느껴보고 싶어서 

I am still waiting
I am dreaming
모두 멈춰버린 채로 
썩어버린 너처럼 되긴 싫어서
아직 살아있다고 
난 느껴보고 싶어서그래서

Keep on dreaming boy
Keep on dreaming boy
Someday you'll be fine
Someday you will shine
Someday you'll be loved
Someday you will smile
Without those tearsWithout those tears

Keep on dreaming boy
Keep on dreaming boy
Someday you'll be fine
Someday you will shine
Someday you'll be loved
Someday you will smile
Without those tears
Without those tears

어떤사람은 이렇게 말합니다
어렷을적 꿈꿔왓던 소망을 이루지 못햇다면 늦게나마 시작해도 되는거잖아요? 전 절대로 병들지 않앗어요. 오히려 나를 비웃는 당신들이 더 병든거 같군요.


"Two Things Needed For The Same Purpose and 5 Objects" 

[##_Jukebox|hk190000000000.mp3|13. 루아흐.mp3|autoplay=0 visible=1|_##]

참 많이 어렸죠 너무 어리석었죠
돌아보면 당신의 수많은 그 눈물이 나를 지켜줬던 거죠

참 많이 울었죠 그댈 원망 했었죠
이젠 알아요 내 곁엔 항상 그대가 함께 한다는 걸

나는 믿어요 귓가를 스치는 바람도
어깨를 적시는 비도 그대임을
참 좋은걸요 이렇게 그대를 느끼죠

많은 시간이 흐른 뒤에 알게 되겠죠
내 모든 시작과 끝은 그대란 걸

언제나 그대 편이 되어주는 것

나 영원히
잡아주세요 내 손을 잡아주세요
안아주세요 내 맘을 안아주세요

루아흐는 하나님께서 온 바람, 즉 Holy Spirit을 뜻한다고 합니다. (Ruach Elohim)
이노래는 나얼의 보칼과 윤건의 피아노만으로 구성됀 노래인대, 노래하는게 꼭 기도하는거 같에요. 

요즘 제가 하나님과의 관계를 너무 소홀이하는거같에서 반성하고 있었는대... 노래들으니 기도하고싶어지네요 ^^

currently listening to: 멀어지다 (Drifting Apart) - Nell
[##_Jukebox|ik070000000000.mp3|01 멀어지다.mp3|autoplay=1 visible=1 color=black|_##]

한국에선 고삼으로써 엉청난 고민과 어려움을 격었을꺼라고들 하지만.. 미국도 마찬가지이네요~ 에휴.. 내일 드디어 SAT II English & Literature를 보게 돼는데..
SAT 한국말은 안보고 영어를 보게 돼내요. ,ㅡ.ㅡ

비록 너무 바뻐서 준비는 많이못했지만 그래도 자신감있게 봐야줘~ 예전에 정말 이런 공부 진짜진짜 많이했었는데.. hopefully some of that remains.. 내일은 영어 시험이니까 아무래도 나머진 영어로 써야지 (그러면서 조금씩 자기자랑을... ㅋㅋㅋ 농담입니당~ ^^;;)  So I'll make the switch into English lest the language becomes somewhat odd to me tomorrow when I take the test..

By the way, the song that I am listening to has absolutely nothing to do with how I feel.. I just liked the sober-ish melody of Nell.. (I guess I'm still infatuated with their music..)

Although I was not able to study as much as I had done for the regular SAT's (mostly because of my lack of practical time schedule, and the last minute procrastination-fest on the science paper), I came across a lot of little facts on which I can reflect from the shitload of prose, excerpts from short stories, novels and poems that I gourged down while studying. My dislike of 19th century novels are gradually increasing. Charles Dickinson may be witty, but I see no wit in his outdated sense of humor; he is just a wordy roundabout writer whose sentence, though structure of which may be immaculate, is impenetrable 새. George Elliot, a woman under a pseudonym, has this unexplainable propensity to depict her feminine protagonists to be the perfect, ideal, humble, kind, and considerate character. She goes on and on about describing her infallible character, and I realized that I tend to get lost in her descriptions.. Harold Bloom is the most pompous bastard that I have ever read. 

On a brighter note, my fear of poems have subsided significantly (to the point where I get more questions wrong from reading passages than I do from poems). yay for having a grandma who's a poet.. I guess.. (But I have to say, I still can't understand Emily Dickinson. (*#($%@&%@^  (same goes to T.S Elliot.. Damn.. all these Elliots'..)
But, I came across Lewis Caroll, the guy who wrote Alice in the Wonderland. He is the best nonsensical poet I know. His "Hunting of the Snark" is a masterpiece that I actually really enjoyed reading. My all-time favorite quote 
Then the bowsprit got mixed with the rudder sometimes
is from that epic poem.

So I just took a collegeboard practice exam on English Literature, and got 6 questions wrong out of 61 questions.. Thats around 770..? If I can do that well on tomorrow's actual test, I will be pretty damn happy!!~ ^^;
Oh as a P.S I did finish that science paper 30 minutes before the deadline. I realized 6 hours before the deadline that in order for me to submit it, I had to get a signature from my professor.. ㅠ.ㅠ So I hurried my butt to Harvard, hunted for the professor. Fortunately, I chanced upon him, and after a slightly awkward conversation, I got his signature~ Reading the final product back, I feel as if It could've been a lot better, but really, this paper was the best that Manhee (the secondary author) and I could possibly due. Take a look!!~~ ^^ 

I really want to say thanks to Manhee for pulling two all nighters with me, trying to get this shit done.. I was tired, but I can't imagine how tired Manhee would have been considering he has so much going on his life right now (like say.. getting married next week..?) 

만희형님아~ 결혼 축하헤염!!! (잘살아라 잘살아라!!)요.

I've averaged 2:30 hours of sleep this week. I'm going to bed. wish me luck~~



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